You need to be at Hotel St. Josef in Zürich, Switzerland at 15:00 (3:00pm) on Sunday. Our schedule ends Wednesday evening 1.5 weeks later in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. You may not leave Wednesday evening. Do not schedule a flight any earlier than 11am on Thursday. The train ride from Riva San Vitale to the Zurich Airport is about 2.5 hours and the first train leaves at 5:09.

The Dean typically flies into Zürich and then back out of Zürich again.

You may decide the origins and destinations of your flight to europe and your flight back to the USA.

So, one can be a flight-shopping guru. I am not. The best I can do is recommend a few places to search:

It seems that IAD (Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.) tends to have the cheapest flights to europe, but you can always check CLT, BWI, and RDU as well.

Please keep in mind:

  • Milan (“Milano”) is closer to where we will end our trip (Riva San Vitale, Switzerland), than Zürich is, BUT:
    • the milan airport is not entirely simple to get to
    • italian trains tend to have more disruption of service for a variety of factors compared to swiss trains.
  • Because of the above and who knows what other factors she’s learned over the years, the dean always chooses to leave from Zürich. She doesn’t push it on others, though.
    • Wherever you book to leave from, make sure to check that a train (e.g. ) gets you there on time.
    • The nearest train station to “The Villa” aka “The Steger Center for International Scholarship” where we will end our trip is typically written as “Capolago-Riva S. Vitale”.
  • Flights within Europe, even very long distances, can sometimes be surprisingly cheap, often cheaper than medium-long train trips (though not usually as enjoyable). Consider: