That´s me

My name is Simon, I´m 28 years old and originally from Bavaria/ Germany. After obtaining my Abitur I spent a voluntary year of social service in Lipova/ Romania instead of military service. This provided me with outstanding experiences within a totally different world of living, thinking and cultural habits. Retrospectively this year was a substantial part of my personal development so far. Afterwards, because of my keen interest in sports I studied sports sciences in Leipzig/ Germany and specialised in the area of rehabilitation sports/ sports therapy. Since January 2012 I´m a PhD student at the Institute of Exercise and Health Sciences (ISSW), Division of Sports Medicine. My research project is embedded in one of eight Swiss national cohort studies, which is a long-term study on the associations between air pollution and lung and heart diseases. Within this context I´m focusing on the question how a physical active lifestyle is related to arterial stiffness as a marker of cardiovascular risk in adults.
Besides work I spent as much time as possible doing sports or being outside in nature. With its natural beauty, the mountains and lakes, Switzerland absolutely is a great place to live. Snowboarding, skiing, hiking and mountain biking – the Swiss mountains fascinated me from the beginning and I very much enjoy being around there.
GPP stands a chance to highly benefit from the scientific and cultural exchange with other young researchers. This will provide me with a basis for critically considering the higher European/Swiss academic system, which may inspire or even enable me to find possibilities to improve my future research career organisation. I´m especially interested in how PhD students are involved in academic decision making in the American higher education system.

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