Hi everybody!

Let’s begin this blog adventure with some personal facts:

My name is Fabian and I am 28 years old. After obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Basel, School of Law, I spent one year at Columbia University in New York City. The stay at the Law School not only served as a preparation for my PhD project (“The Planning of Wind Turbines with Special Consideration of Environmental Law Issues”) but also gave me the opportunity to get to know many interesting people and some States on the East Coast of the United States (on the picture, you can see me sitting on a bench on Princeton Campus in New Jersey). Meanwhile, I’m back at the University of Basel, School of Law. Here, I work as a reasearch and teaching assistant at a chair for public law. Alongside, I finish my dissertation.

When I am not at the office, I dedicate my time to soccer – not only passive in front of the television but also active on the pitch. I have been a sports fan for a long time and while studying, I earned some extra money as a cycle messenger. Thus, it goes without saying that I’m interested in all matters concerning sports at Virginia Tech (for instance, I already know that “Lane Stadium” must be impressive).

For now, this information about me should be sufficient. I am happy to be part of the Global Perspectives Programme 2013 and curious about interesting details of the American higher education sector.

See you soon – first in context of this blog and then in person, either in Switzerland or in the US!

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