Kat’s GPP 2013 2013-03-18 07:57:00

About me:

I graduated with a M.S. in Sport Science in 2010 at the University of Berne. Besides, I graduated in the same year at the College of Education in Berne as a grammar school teacher in Sports and Biology. After university I worked a winter long at a front desk in a hotel in Canada. I wanted to explore the Champagne Powder by ski and snowboard. Back in Switzerland I started to work as a high school teacher in mathematics, sports, biology, physics, chemistry and English.

In the April of 2012 I started my PhD at the Institute of Exercise and Health Science at the University of Basel. In my project I develop a continuous monitoring of the physical ability development, body weight, vessel health and the spine of all the first-graders of the canton Basel-Stadt (approximately 1250 children/per year).

As my profession promises I’m a sports person. In my leisure time I play volleyball and beachvolleyball, and I used to play softball and handball (this sport is not really known in the USA). In the winter I go snowboarding and skiing as much as I can and in summer I go biking, sailing and climbing.

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