Hello everyone!

I also like to introduce myself to you in my first message in this blog:

My name is Michelle. I’m 27 years old and born in Switzerland. I passed my higher education at the Law School of the University of Basel. I am currently writing my doctoral thesis, and working as a research and teaching assistant at a chair for criminal law and legal philosophy. A new and exciting appointment as judge at the Criminal Court of Basel is going to start in April.

My doctoral thesis is dealing with the legal aspects of Neuro-Enhancement that is also known as mind doping or academic doping. One aspect of my research is the question about equal opportunities in education and professional life and if a new regulation for this topic is necessary. I also like to find out how common the use of mind doping is at universities and why the spread of mind doping differs in the US and in Europe. Especially in Europe, mind doping seems to be quite a new phenomenon. Currently, there doesn’t exist any official database that would register the use or prevalence of mind doping. However, various American journals have published reports of students’ experiences in the US. For this reason I like to learn more about possible differences between the US and the Swiss Higher Education systems, and what the reasons for those could be.

Beyond work and university I’m interested in politics, skiing and snowboarding (as everyone does in Switzerland) and in music. I’m a member of a chorus and I play the piano. Recently I’ve started to take oriental dancing lessons. I also spent a lot of time traveling in nearly all continents. But so far I never lived or studied abroad. Maybe the GPP 2013 will pique my curiosity to pass a LL.M.-Program at an US-University after finishing my dissertation.

I’m looking forward to meet you and to get to know more about each other.

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