Day 9 – May 24th

As expected, it was snowing when we woke up.  Although not for long and the snow quickly changed to a light rain.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and when the rain stopped we took a 30 minute hike to Trummelbach Falls.  We took a lift up inside the mountain and viewed 10 different waterfalls that cut through the rocks.  It was beautiful.  We walked back to Lauterbrunnen and had a late lunch at the Horner Pub.  We had been their the first night and ran into to sets of travelers from Oregon.  And one girl graduated from the same high school that Jonathan did.  What a small world.  For lunch I tried raclette, which is melted cheese served with potatoes.  It was very good.

We tackled the true meaning of vacation today and took naps this afternoon as well as watched the 007 “On her majesty’s secret service,” in the hotel.  We headed out for a nice dinner at a local hotel where I enjoyed more Rosti.  The Swiss food has been incredible!

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