Day 11 – May 26th

I saw Jonathan off at the train station and was sad to say goodbye to my best friend.  I headed back to the hotel and then went for a run.  I ran down to Lake Zurich which was beautiful.  So many people were out walking and jogging.  I had a late check-out and stayed at the hotel until needing to make the walk to St. Josef to meet up with the GPP group at 4PM.  I enjoyed snacks and Pepsi Light in the business lounge as I began the mental transition from vacation to the GPP trip.

Phase two: GPP trip – I finally found the hotel, thanks to the GPS capability on my iPhone.  I was very happy for technology today.  We met up in the breakfast room of the hotel and it was so fun to finally be together as a group.  We went around the circle and shared our learning outcomes and research topics for the trip.  This is a group of very gifted students and everyone was very thoughtful in their responses.  Cat and Libby briefed on University of Zurich; and David and Kelsey briefed on ETH.  We were prepared for our visits the next day.  We then headed out to an incredible dinner.  We went to Swiss Chuci and enjoyed the Swiss cuisine. We had cheese fondue, raclette cheese with potatoes and more Rosti.  It was incredible and a meal that I will remember.

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