Communication in Higher Education

Throughout my studies I have been involved in the self-governing body of our university, starting with the society of nanostudents when I was a student, until now, as a member of the board of the Regenz, as the representative of the assistants. In these functions, on several levels of the hierarchy of a university, I was able to observe numerous, different approaches to solving problems. The main difficulty that I witnessed during these procedures was communication. As scientists, we are trained to look at problems from our points of view with the background that we bring along. Discussing university politics or administration in a body wherein different disciplines and affiliations within the university are present is a challenging task. When someone is able to communicate in a manner such that the diverse assembly understands the problem at hand, the discussion focuses on content and not on comprehension. To reach this level of ability requires experience that derives from observing different approaches, mindsets, and systems in higher education. I hope– through my participation– that I am able to broaden my understanding of higher education in the sense described and to contribute in this regard to you guys.

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