About Me

Hi everyone, I am Kasper Renggli


I am a PhD student in Nanoscience with a major in chemistry in the group of Wolfgang Meier and Nico Bruns in Basel, Switzerland. My research interests are protein nanoreactors, e.g. for atom transfer radical polymerization and biocatalysis. I also assess the selective and responsive behavior of protein cages with classical biological as well as with nanomechanical sensing techniques. Further I work with ATRPases: Enzymes and Proteins as catalysts for atom transfer radical polymerization. So basically I am combining polymer chemistry with bionanotechnology and analytical chemistry. During my Masters I had the opportunity to go abroad and spent one semester at the Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

I was born in Basel and also did my education here. Up until the end of high school I wanted to become a musician and did my major in music. Although I changed my subject to natural sciences I am still an active singer in two choirs. One is a mixed choir where I sing since 21 years now and the other one is a male choir. With the male choir we are quite successful and won the World Choir Games in the category male choir last year in Cincinnati, OH. We just recorded our second CD Tonträger No. 2 and looking forward to our next competition in Slovenia at the end of April.

Next to music I am very engaged in the self-governing body of the University. I am a member of the Regenz and its board (governing body of the university) as a representative of the assistants and was vice-president of the students parliament and president of the association of students in Nanoscience. Further, I am managing the development process for the Assistenten Vereinigung der Universität Basel (avuba) which is the association of all assistants at the university of Basel.

I am married since October 2011 and have a younger sister.

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