Graduate education and web 2.0

I’ve been thinking a lot about the World Wide Web and social media and their impact and utility in graduate schools.  Conceptually I have understood the functionality associated with Web 1.0 and 2.0 and have sought to utilize these phases … Continue reading

Oxford Blocks Google Docs

I hope that everyone is toasty and enjoying this beautiful dusting of snow. In light of all of the conversation about technology that has been had in the Future Professoriate classes as well as in the majority of pedagogical workshops … Continue reading


As a veteran of the Virginia Tech Engineering Program I had the chance to battle amongst the trees of the Tech’s Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE).  Of the seven arenas’ only four were not spelled out in my Enlistment | … Continue reading

Green Universities

***Sorry I took up all this space Considering that my study theme involves assessing the level of sustainable contribution of each university we visit, I figure that it would be great to half some typical framework for looking at what constitutes a “Green University” and as easy as it is to open a Google search […]

Traveling with Technology

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m writing today with a Chronicle article that is relevant to our discussion at Tuesday’s Global Perspectives meeting about the benefits and drawbacks of traveling this summer with our (relatively heavy) laptops. While this piece is … Continue reading

Higher Education’s Preparation for Independence

During a discussion about the European Bologna Process , we learned how, generally speaking, their students take heavier course loads and are held more responsible for their own education. Consequently, lectures at European universities concentrate more just on content delivery and involve … Continue reading

Global 2013 begins

The global perspectives program (GPP) for 2013 has begun!   The GPP Switzerland blog is coming back to life filled with new voices, reflections and shared anticipations.  There will be more posts, tweets, and connections to come.  The VT participants are … Continue reading

GPP 2013 – where to start?

Hi all! Just a quick test post – I’m trying to stick to a single blog but haven’t tried the category system before.  See you all tonight! – Cat    

Testing, 1, 2, 3…GPP

I am unbelievably excited to take part in Virginia Tech’s Global Perspectives Program.  What an incredible opportunity! This post will serve as a test to ensure that relevant posts about the program can be forwarded onto the GPP’s motherblog.