University Rankings

As Fabian pointed out nicely the rankings start to play a bigger role in the future.

One problem of these rankings is that they are mostly based on the public opinion of the universities… If you look at publications and citations our physics department is thesecond best in the world because we publish a lot and get cited often. Still if you say I studied in Basel in the US nobody will know the place :D

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Something else which should be added to this discussion is that there are not good or bad universities (for now) in switzerland because everyone gets accepted at each university and they all have approx. the same qualities. Further, the costs are the more or less the same.

This fact is also not provoking the statement that one is better than the other. Thus a ranking would be based on arbitrariness and not like in the US where you have acceptance rates and different fees which automatically provoke better or for that matter worse universities.

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