The following information was provided by the former GPP facilitator, Michael Stewart, and may still be helpful/relevant. Please let me know if you find other solutions to overseas phone service so that I can include that information here.

Many people would like the ability to have phone/text/data plan that works during our trip. We encourage you to research what might work best for you, but point out that sometimes it can be hard to manage our usage of these devices. Especially when exhausted and disoriented from long days of travel, we may too easily allow ourselves to “cocoon” into cyberspace, missing out on opportunities to connect with cohort members, see scenery, or whatever.

If you have a phone that is out of contract by the time of our travel (you may even save money by asking your service provider in the USA what amount you need to pay to “pay-off” your phone), you can get your service provider to “unlock” your phone, so that it may be used with the services of other providers. If you do this, you can get a SIM card for your phone after your arrival in the country. Consider the following retailers

Alternatively, you can try to get a USA service provider (“carrier”) to give you service abroad.¬†Sometimes¬†this is cheaper, depending on how much you plan to use it and myriad other variables. For some options, you may need to have a phone that is unlocked.

Abram uses the Google Fi phone service. The data price is the same for data in the US. You can also make international calls for $0.20/min. This option may not be suitable for everyone. Please contact Abram if you have any specific questions about this option.