Some things to be aware of:

  • Zurich Airport = Zürich Flughafen
  • Zurich Main Station = Zürich Hauptbahnhof = Zürich HB
  • The train station in Riva San Vitale will be listed as Capolago-Riva S. Vitale
  • Times are listed in 24 hour format

SBB Website and Mobile App

SBB is the railway of Switzerland. The English version of their website can be found at

There is also a mobile app that works very well, although if you are buying international train tickets, such as to Milan, you will need to use their website.

Checking Tickets and 1st/2nd Class

When you board a swiss train, nobody will take your ticket. Often you may never have your ticket checked on a journey, however they do check tickets at random and not having a ticket will result in an expensive fine. On this same note, there are both 1st and 2nd class cars. If you see the number 1 on seats in the car or on the doors, you are most likely in a 1st class car.

Travel Cards

There are different travel cards that you can buy. These might make sense, depending on how much traveling you will do. More info can be found here: