The Swiss electrical grid supplies 220V AC, instead of the 110V AC here in the U.S. and also uses a different shaped plug (Type C or Type J)

You will need a plug adaptor in order to plug in any electrically powered devices. You should also read your AC to DC converter to make sure that it can handle input voltages up to 220V. See the pictures below if this doesn’t make sense.

Electronics such as hair dryers, kitchen appliances and other common electronics are designed to only work with a specific voltage and should not be plugged into an electrical system that it is not designed for. Please read the warning information on ANYTHING electric that you plan to travel with to make sure that it is safe to use in the countries you are traveling to.

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Here are the pictures!!

Plugs and Sockets

Type J socket

Electricity Type-J Socket

Type J plug

Electricity Type-J Plug

Type C Socket

Type C plug

Electricity Type-C Plug

Example Plug Adaptor

AC-DC Converters

  • You should check the charger for your cell phone, laptop or other electronics to see what the input voltage is for the device. See the pictures below for two examples of what will and will not work.
AC-DC adaptor 120V only.png
This AC-DC converter will NOT work in Switzerland (or 80% of the world). It has in input voltage of only 120 VAC.
AC-DC adaptor 100-240V.png
This AC-DC converter WILL work everywhere. It can handle a range of input voltages from 100-240 VAC.