The Eve of Departure!

Some days just need to be 48 hours long! The past days have been full of excitement on different levels. However, this specific night is when everything should come together to form a “plan”! I’ve been thinking a lot about my first days in Europe, and how would the experience would be like, especially that I’m spending 3 full days on my own! I like to study “people”, so I’m curious to know more about different communities, cultures, interactions, and societies. I’ve also learned about the European transportation system during my search for trains and metro lines throughout the past month. Since I’ve been reading about the different higher education system in Europe, I can’t wait to study the several universities that we plan to visit, and be able to relate the European system to the American system, and – in my case – I’m also going to consider the system in different countries in the Middle East. Three years ago, I spent a similar night in my home country waiting for the flight that’d take me to USA for my PhD study. I now recall that night, with all the feelings of excitement, curiosity, expectations, and some worries! Since I arrived to USA, VT never let me down. I do wish that my Europe visit will be another episode of my exciting journey as a VT student. #Go_Hokies!

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