Preliminary Thoughts about Switzerland

Among the many interesting facts that have been shared about Switzerland during our preparation sessions, three have caught my attention:

  1. The two-track education system with no given “higher-ranks” to any of both. I believe that this doesn’t only enhance the education system, but it helps the society be self-sufficient when it comes to the large number of experiences and talents needed for communities.
  2. The appreciation given to the “together” time, which appears in the food and cafe culture. This is different than the “to-go” culture in USA, but it’s quite similar to the collectivist culture in the middle-east and Asia.
  3. The voice of people can be heard and they can directly participate in the political decision making. I’m curious to know more about how this would motivate people to learn more about governance and policy, as well as knowing to how extent would people would like to engage in the decision making process.

Since these are only first impressions, I’ll keep an eye on such topics when I’m already there to learn more about. I’d also like to discuss with people living there on what do they think about every point, and whether they consider any of those topics to be of positive or negative impact on their society.

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