Access to Education: A Worldview

I found an interesting article on University World News I wanted to share.  The author, Francisco Marmolejo, compares the strengths and weaknesses of models designed to create access to education for students.  He describes the challenges different countries face based on financial resources and wealth discrepancies in each of those countries. The point of Franciso’s analysis? No educational model is perfect, but all countries should have a clear goal. Francisco states, “At the end of the day, the solution is not only about fees. It’s about ensuring that tertiary education can effectively respond to the emerging needs of society and that it reaffirms its role as one of the most important enablers of equitable and prosperous communities in today’s and tomorrow’s world.” One of the things I am most excited to learn about is how the educational systems in Europe create access to higher education for individuals. I believe access to education is a significant challenge in the United States. Therefore, through this experience, I hope to better understand the perspectives of individuals who have an investment in higher education in Europe.

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