Day 6- May 21st

We took the bus today 10 minutes to visit Mad King Ludwig’s castles. We first toured Hohenschwangau which was his parents hunting castle.  It had some historical pieces inside that were interesting, but the tour only involved a handful of rooms. We then took another bus up the hill to Neuschwanstein. Before heading to the castle, we went putt on Mary’s bridge for a view. The view was incredible but we were on the bridge with 50 other strangers and you could feel the boards creak underneath you. My stomach did summersaults. We then toured the castle which was like a fairyland. You could see why he was removed as king because he believed he was part of these triumphal stories that knights would recall. The castle was never finished. After he died his family did not want to spend anymore money. So there were several rooms we saw that were unfinished. We walked back down the hill and caught the bus back to Fussen. For dinner we had a wonderful Italian dinner where we used up the remainder of our Euros.

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