Day 4- May 19th

We took the train to Mainz and stored our bags in a locker at the airport. The one thing that Jonathan really wanted to do was go to the Gutenberg museum and see the Gutenberg bible.  We found our way to the museum only to find out is was closed because of Pentacost Sunday. I was crushed! Although it did not matter if I saw the museum, I knew how important it was to Jonathan. He took it in stride as he does with everything. Although this was a HUGE disappointment, we had one of the best lunches in Mainz enjoying an antipasti platter and a cheese platter. But the day did not seem to be on our side and our train was delayed meaning we would miss our connection. They put us on the next train 2 hours later. By the time we arrived in Rotenberg, the restaurants were closed. We found a Greek hole in the wall restaurant and believe it or not, had a great dinner with wine to go.

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