Day 20- June 4th

The students from the University of Basel arrived today so our morning started out with some free time to get ready for their arrival. We also will be presenting to our own group tomorrow about our research topics so the free time this morning was a blessing to get organized. It also gave me a chance to go for a nice long run along the lake. The beauty here is amazing and I have enjoyed getting a chance to take it in today. We met as a group for lunch and a meeting afterwards where we got to give Dean DePauw feedback on the trip.  The Basel folks arriving at 2:30PM. We moved upstairs for a presentation by Dean DePauw getting us thinking about university and society. This is our topic for our presentation together at the Swiss Embassy.

After a coffee break in the garden we broke into three groups: university, society, and student. I was in the university group and therefore we talked about the role of the university and how that fits into society.  We had really stimulating conversations as it is not very often you bring a group of bright minds together to talk about deep topics.  After great conversation we moved into the Villa for a signing ceremony between the two groups about our collaboration.  Then back into the garden for a wine and appetizer reception where we got to visit more with the Basel students.

Dinner deserves its own paragraph. We had dinner in the Villa and it was over the top.  The starter was squid ink risotto with squid.  Then we moved into the main course of sliced lamb with bacon wrapped potatoes and veggies.  Dessert was mint ice cream.  The Villa out did themselves. I called it a night after that relishing some quiet time although many of the Basal and VT students headed to the local spot for some more socializing.

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