The adventure begins… sort of…

My family doesn’t really travel.  No epic road trips to the grand canyon or Disney World for me.  We did take trips, but they were generally to Virginia Beach and/or Busch Gardens.  The biggest trip I’ve taken was a 2 hour flight to Chicago for research.  I didn’t even get to see anything while I was there because I was in the lab the entire time so that hardly counts as a trip.   I never really thought I’d ever actually get to travel with in the states, much less travel that required a passport.

But today, I took the first step (other than applying for this trip) in fixing my travel deficiency.  Today I went and submitted my application for my passport and in four to six weeks I’ll be ready to go forth into the world!

It was expensive for a tiny little little book, but I’m sure the experiences I have on this trip alone will be worth the $110 I spent.