Project 21(s)

Was trolling around the student organization page on U of Zurich’s website and ran across Project 21, which concerns itself with interdisciplinary efforts towards sustainability within and beyond the University.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunately, the org.’s page is in German (and unlike the U’s main site, doesn’t offer options for ignorant mono-linguists), so I ran a google search.  Hmm.  Project 21, on this side of the pond, is a Black Conservative Leadership Network.  Almost got sucked into all types of internet drama and conspiracy, but I’ve reached my quota of vitriol for the day.  Project 21’s site does link to interesting articles all over the web—concerning oil production peaks, uneconomics, “end of growth”, to name a few—and has contact info for a couple dozen students in the organization.  Maybe we’ll meet a couple.

Anyway, although I couldn’t translate most of their calendar of events (and nothing’s going down 5/21), they appear to be extremely active (and if the pictures included are any indication, all in all are a pretty happy bunch), so that’ll be something to sniff around for.  (Also of note: U of Zurich has student orgs for gliding, rabid golfers, and the student run radiostation, which I’m streaming right now.  Groovy.)

Finally, a cartoon courtesy of Project 21’s site (via