Mother dearest

Most of you have heard me mention my mom before in the monthly meetings and it may seem silly that at 25 my mom is so concerned about me, etc.  I’m an only child and she’s always been very over protective and she is scared to death that I’m going to go to Europe and get arrested, murdered, or generally just never come back home.  This may seem completely unfounded, but I’m going to share a bit of a conversation I had with her on the phone that may clear up some of the worry.

The general context of the conversation is that we were discussing a way for me to be able to call my parents since my current phone is not capable of making calls over seas.  My dad was looking up to see if his phone was capable.

Mom:  “Rome is in Italy right?”
Me:  “Yes.”
Mom: “And Italy is in France?”
Me:  “… No, Italy is a country.”
Mom:  “Yeah, but I thought it was in France?”

I’ve always known that my mom’s world view is extremely limited.  She grew up in the same area and dropped out of high school around 10th grade.  She still lives in the same area she grew up in and our family vacations involved going to Virginia Beach.  She doesn’t believe in traveling just to see the sights or  curiosity for curiosities sake (e.g. Why would anyone want to go to the moon? There’s nothing there, it doesn’t matter!).  She does watch the local news a few times a day and usually some sort of international news as well, but I never thought that her world view was quite this limited.

This conversation shows a bit of why she is so worried about me traveling.  She just knows nothing about it.  But the problem arises when she just doesn’t seem interested in learning about it in the first place.

I have managed to figure out a solution calling her to help ease some of her worry.  I was able to set up local online number through Skype (only $18 for 3 month) and unlimited calling to the US/Canada for $2.99 a month.  As long as I have WiFi and battery life on my iPod, I’ll be set.  And even if I don’t, she can still leave me a voice mail that I can check.  This hasn’t stopped her worrying, but it’s made it a bit easier on her.