I booked my flights! My itinerary!

I booked my flight for Global Perspectives today. Here is my rough outline for those of you interested in going to Rome before our group travels.

Tuesday May 15: Fly out of Chicago. Transfer in NYC. Land in Rome on Wednesday May 16th at 10AM (Rome time).

May 16th – May 19th : Explore Rome

May 20th : Train to Zurich (7AM train leaves, arrives in Zurich around noon).

May 20 – May 31st: Global Perspectives

May 31st – Leave Lugano Switzerland.  Go to Montpellier France via train.

June 3rd – Leave Montpellier for Paris via train.

June 7th – Fly out of Paris for Chicago around noon.


Let me know if you are interested in going to Rome with me. My France travels after Global Perspectives are to see personal friends and maybe with a close friend.