Going Global

So my first attempt at keeping a blog has not been the most successful as this is only my second post in 6 months. Now that we’ve been back for almost a month, the initial rush of all the work I had waiting for me at home is over and things have slowed down enough for me to give this another try!

I wanted to share a link to a blog updated much more often than my own. St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes is a K-12 private school in Alexandria, VA that I graduated from in 2003 and where my mother is currently a Kindergarten teacher.

This year they have started a blog dedicated to “adventures around the world”. There are several posts from early spring (their spring break) from students on a service trip to Romania, a group of students who traveled to Croatia, and the Normandy scholars program for advanced students interested in French language and culture.

The more recent posts are much more related to our trip. The head of the lower school (grades K-5), who back in the day was my 6th grade English teacher, is currently on a 14 day trip to China to visit schools and meet with primary and secondary educators.

He’s posted lots of videos and photos along with his text so if anyone is interested, take a minute to skim through!