Ciao a tutti!

Hello to everybody!

I’m Maria Broggi and I’m doing my PhD in Immunology in Basel at the Department of Biomedicine. Last month I went to the GPP Input seminar to discover what GPP was. I was impressed by the enthusiasm that all the people had about their work and about this progamm. I decided to apply and….I got accepted ;-) !

I come from Milan and I came to Basel for my Master in Science in september 2007. I decided to stay here also for my PhD, but now that I’m (hopefully) almost at the end I’m thinking a lot about my future. I was always dreaming of an academic career, where you also have the chance to teach to the new generation and therefore to the….future!

I’m thinking of doing my first PostDoc in the US, but I never had the opportunity to visit the American Universities reality and spirit. I thought…GPP exactly is what I need!!

I’m looking forward to meet you all and to go through this experience together!