Back to Basics – Wikipedia at its best

While researching my topic of choice (diversity in higher education) I realized that there really was some terminology that I needed to be more familiar with (Matura, the specific Cantons, etc.). This lead me to a couple of useful wikipedia pages that I wanted to share:

Swiss Universities by enrollment

A prominent Swiss education reformer

The Swiss National Science Foundation (particularly for those looking into research funding)

And, of course, the page on Education in Switzerland

I’d be curious to see how well our Swiss colleagues feel that this article reflects their system. Perhaps one of our group’s goals could be to collectively add to and expand the section on Tertiary education. Thoughts?

EDITED TO ADD: Actually, if any of our Swiss colleagues could help me with the following words/concepts, it would be appreciated!

EignungsprΓΌfung and Konkordanzliste (concord?)