And we have begun!

We’ve been into the swing of things for only a few hours now, and it already feels like we’re rushing along! This afternoon, we met up at the Hotel St. Joseph and began our discussions on ETH and the Universi of Zurich. Initial impressions varied, but in general everyone was impressed by the general kindness of the people, the cleanness of the streets, and the tastiness of the food. Hard to go wrong with those three checked off!

We also had a chance to quickly walk through both campuses and enjoy the view. Dinner was a delicious mix of fondue, rachlette, and white chocolate mousse. The rachlette especially was a new experience!

Tomorrow morning we’ll head up to ETH and Uni Zurich and have a chance to talk with students and faculty about their views of higher education. I’m especially interested to learn about their perceptions of diversity (in a variety of contexts) and see how that compares to the hard numbers (if they can be found). The next day we get to meet with our University of Basel cohort and compare notes. Can’t wait!