On the eve of departure

The eve of departure was busy and long. It also wasn’t really the eve of departure. I guess technically right now is the eve of departure since my flight will leave at 5:15 to Copenhagen, where I’ll have a casual FOURTEEN hour layover, before continuing to Zurich on Friday night. The past week and a …

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GPP 19 First Post

Just testing to make sure I did the category correctly. Looking forward to the experience and getting to know the other members of the cohort.

Global Perspectives

The economic connections among different countries drive their social connections. Mobility of population should be analyzed with a global perspective in mind. Mobility can be thought as long-term and short-term. A topic on short-term population mobili…

Work Hard & Be Nice to People

All of the GPP18 folks were reunited at the Switzerland Embassy in Washington, D.C., along with guests and GPP alumni. This event took place about two weeks after the majority of our group had returned back to the states. Some GPP18-ers even traveled directly from Europe after continuing personal travel once our group meeting had …

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Teacher Training

This trip broadened my knowledge about educational opportunities for working professionals. I am familiar with the practice of working during the day and attending evening classes. However, a different approach was presented at one of the institutions visited. Students can work four days a week and attend class one day a week.

Another interesting […]

Short Poetry

Poems of Days: Short Dynamic Poetry #1 Feel of morning’s chillness, call of chirping birds; awaken. Bodies sharing heat, greet a day together; aware. Moments for mind, for body after, off-to-business happy. Feels they’re most smiling ones; a day; call …