Doctorate education in the USA

Doctorate education in the US is a scaffold towards academic positions in colleges and universities both in and out of the US. The usual conversation is around the time it takes to get a degree (read more here) and what Academia and related jobs will m…

On the eve of departure …

It is the eve of departure. The departure of the Global Perspectives Program Class of 2019. This trip will provide each of us with a unique experience that brings together students across disciplines who have a common interest – that of learning about higher education from a global perspective. I am very excited to begin …

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Surprises About Switzerland

It was very interesting to learn about Switzerland at our last GPP meeting from citizens. There were many things that were discussed that surprised me, though I think the fact that surprised me the most concerned how the Swiss government is structured. More specifically, the three political levels include: (1) federal/confederation, (2) 26 cantons, and …

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US Higher Education

I am 30 years old, and I have been in “college” since I was 18 (with less than 1 year break somewhere in the middle). This is my 11 year in higher education within the United States system. One might say that this amount of time in “the system” makes me knowledgeable. Perhaps, in some …

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European Higher Education

Last weekend, I was visiting with my family in Richmond. Our neighbors, a nice couple in their late 70s, are good friends of ours. Dr. Bergland is a professor emeritus at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) who has traveled the world. He told me that, based on his experiences abroad, it seemed like European universities were …

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Doctoral education in the US

The number one thing that attracted me to further my education here in the United States is my discovery about how America produces the largest number of PhDs. For me, my undergraduate education was exceptionally joyful because of like-minded peers. We would organize study times and ask each member of the group to study a […]

Higher Education in Europe

Coming from Ghana, a country that gained independence from the British about 50 years ago, I grew up with the educated immediate older generation all having had their education in the UK. The plan for me had always been to seek higher education in the UK right after my first degree. When I was in […]

Swiss Expectations!!

To say I am excited about this Switzerland vacation…oops…study abroad, will be the understatement of the year! I am super hyper excited about this opportunity and often, catch myself smiling at the thought. At the age of 22, I watched every American movie I could lay my hands on and packed some of my belongings, […]