On the Eve of Departure

[Originally posted May 24th] Tomorrow is the day! Amazing to think back to the early weeks of Spring semester when we all received the unimaginable news that we would be getting the opportunity to be a part of this trip. … Continue reading

On the Eve of Departure

On the eve of departure for the 2019 global perspective program, I still clearly remember how excited I was when I first got to know that I would be part of the program this year. Since then, I have been…

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Beginning to Leave

Travel is one of the few truly exceptional parts of life. And it stands apart from others such as friendship, family, love, accomplishment, or performance. Every one of those is crafted either on your own, or with someone close to

Eve of departure: Global Perspectives Program 2019

Imagine a group of people who are packing for a trip to a number of different university grounds in Europe. Along the way we will get a bite, or thirty (we will be walking a lot ok?), of delicious food. This is just a detail of course. Due to rather co…

On the Eve of Departure

The GPP trip is only a few weeks away and I am so ready to leave! The previous 3 weeks have been chaotic and crazy as the semester wraps up, so I am surprisingly ready to sit on a plane for 8+hours with no ability to do work. Then, of course, Switzerland has to great. …

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Preparing for #GPPVT19

OsmAnd is an offline maps app for navigating using GPS/Galileo/GLONASS data. A cloud drive (such as google drive) provides me with online and offline access to my travel docs and color-scans of my identification papers. My mobile has encryption on for …