VT-shaped individual: graduate student focus

Shortly after his arrival at VT, President Timothy Sands established an initiative entitled Beyond Boundaries and challenged the university to envision the future for Virginia Tech informed by four concepts: VT-shaped discovery, communities of discovery, nexus of discovery, and continuous … Continue reading

Sounds of GPP’16

The Global Perspectives Program is an intellectually stimulated and academic enriching experience.  GPP is about growth, both personal and professional.  It is a social and community or relationship building experience including elements of sharing space, finding place, and communicating.  GPP … Continue reading

Graduate education and web 2.0

I’ve been thinking a lot about the World Wide Web and social media and their impact and utility in graduate schools.  Conceptually I have understood the functionality associated with Web 1.0 and 2.0 and have sought to utilize these phases … Continue reading

Global 2013 begins

The global perspectives program (GPP) for 2013 has begun!   The GPP Switzerland blog is coming back to life filled with new voices, reflections and shared anticipations.  There will be more posts, tweets, and connections to come.  The VT participants are … Continue reading

Communicating scholarly endeavors

James Duderstadt, President Emeritus of University of Michigan, is reshaping higher education.  He has written and spoken about a university as a social institution with social responsibility as described in his book entitled A University for the 21st Century published by … Continue reading

Gathering at CGS

A few of us were able to gather at the most recent CGS annual meeting in Washington DC and of course, we enjoyed some time at the first dinner.  Photos were taken of the food and of the Global Grad … Continue reading