Europe, is that you?

Our flight out of DC was eventful!!! Our plane delayed for about 3 hours while sitting on the tarmac, with us in it! All this while, the cabin crew insisted we wait and remain in our seats! Eventually, they had pity on us and decided to serve us with all the drinks we could ask […]

The Swiss march begins…

I will start by saying that I defended my dissertation less than 2 weeks before the Zurich trip which makes me a doctor now!! That’s where the excitement before the trip ends because after the first two days post my defense which I spent dancing and sleeping, the remaining days were spent making revisions to […]

Beginning to Leave

Travel is one of the few truly exceptional parts of life. And it stands apart from others such as friendship, family, love, accomplishment, or performance. Every one of those is crafted either on your own, or with someone close to

Doctoral education in the US

The number one thing that attracted me to further my education here in the United States is my discovery about how America produces the largest number of PhDs. For me, my undergraduate education was exceptionally joyful because of like-minded peers. We would organize study times and ask each member of the group to study a […]

Higher Education in Europe

Coming from Ghana, a country that gained independence from the British about 50 years ago, I grew up with the educated immediate older generation all having had their education in the UK. The plan for me had always been to seek higher education in the UK right after my first degree. When I was in […]

Swiss Expectations!!

To say I am excited about this Switzerland vacation…oops…study abroad, will be the understatement of the year! I am super hyper excited about this opportunity and often, catch myself smiling at the thought. At the age of 22, I watched every American movie I could lay my hands on and packed some of my belongings, […]