Work Hard & Be Nice to People

All of the GPP18 folks were reunited at the Switzerland Embassy in Washington, D.C., along with guests and GPP alumni. This event took place about two weeks after the majority of our group had returned back to the states. Some GPP18-ers even traveled directly from Europe after continuing personal travel once our group meeting had …

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BBFLs – GPP Return

Nobody ever told me that making friends as an adult wasn’t as easy as when we were younger. But if you think about it, it makes sense. “Hey mom, can I go spend the night at Serena’s house?” We no longer have slumber parties with our friends (well I guess you could if you really …

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Sunday morning musings

Here are five thoughts from my brain: PolyMi was truly an incredible university. The campus had a very industrial feel, which was interesting considering they are equal parts engineering and design. I felt incredibly inspired by the Dean of the graduate school. He gets it. I was blown away by how much financial support PhD …

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Five universities down…

Four more to go? Let’s be real, I haven’t been quite in tune with the iteinary, so I really don’t know how many more institutions we have left to visit. But so far, in three days, we have visited the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, University of Basel, The Basel School or Design, and University …

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Let the adventure begin

We are just about an hour away from landing in Zürich. To say I’m excited to get off the plane is an understand. Ready to learn and experience a different city! Looking forward to breaking the usual routine of going to lab and classes. Excited to learn about each of the universities structures and to experience Read more about Let the adventure begin[…]

On the Eve of Departure

Well, I’m all packed. Leaving for Dulles airport tomorrow morning at 9 am and WOW this happened quickly. I have gone through waves of excitement and fear and now, I am definitely feeling a little bit of both. I am excited for my first trip abroad and to learn more about higher education in other […]

GPP: First Thoughts

For those that have taken the Preparing the Professoriate and Cotemporary Pedagogy courses, I’m sure you can agree that no longer getting together on a regularly basis with classmates is a bit sad. Although we may adore the folks in our own distinctive departments, getting out of our own “box” can be refreshing. Those of …

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GPP Initial Thoughts

Hi all, It’s been so exciting to get started planning for our GPP trip this summer! I got my passport in the mail this week and I can’t wait to use it. I scheduled an appointment to get my passport the day I found out I got accepted into the GPP18 program and I was […]