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Today marks the first week since I arrived in Europe for the first time. I can’t believe how fast time flew by. It seems only yesterday I was typing my application to GPP, and here we are about to wrap … Continue reading

First day high!

First day high! Nasasabik sa unang araw ng eskuwela (Looking forward to the first day of school) Taas kamay, with confidence… (Hands held high, with confidence) Kamikazee The excitement of finally making it to Zurich reminded me of this pop-rock … Continue reading

GPP Eve of Departure

My original plan for my Eve of Departure post was to blog before I left Virginia, but I ended up getting very sick the night before the flight (and all day traveling) to Europe. So here I am now getting to this post and it is a nice reflective experience because of the last two … Continue reading “GPP Eve of Departure”

A new adventure awaits!

It’s one minute to midnight, and I am still not quite done with all the things that I said I would finish before May 19. But I’m powering through… There is a box that I could definitely check off though; … Continue reading

On the eve of departure…

I can’t believe I’m heading to Europe today! I really am most looking forward to immersing myself into the politics of higher education in central Europe, especially in the context of current events like the refugee crisis and the general EU crisis. What does the idea of a unified or weak Europe have to do […]

The Eve of Departure

As I write this, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Blacksburg. My bags are sitting at home packed with the exception of the last few items that are still in my car from my target run about an hour ago. My itinerary is set, flights are booked, banks have been notified, and my passport … Continue reading The Eve of Departure

Hello GPP

As the end of the semester approaches and the Global Perspectives Program is nearing, I find myself excited about all of the opportunities this program presents.  I am finally able to see past all of the assignments that have bogged me down all semester, and looking ahead to GPP is getting more enticing by the … Continue reading “Hello GPP”