My very own blog to talk about all the fun adventures I have on the FP Trip!

Hello world!

Welcome to my newly-created PFP Switzerland 2012 blog!  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perceptions with you here as our adventure through European higher education develops. As way of introduction, I am a wildlifer.  While the term “wildlifer” … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog site for PFP Switzerland 2012!  In preparation for our visit to Europe I will try to make relevant posts on here leading up to our departure.  Stay tuned . . .

Welcome to PFP Switzerland Blogging

Now that we’ve covered the basics regarding how to create a blog and add your content to the PFP Switzerland Blog (don’t forget to take a look at the “Blogging 101” or for more detail the “PFP Switzerland Blog – Getting Started Guide” available in Scholar). In short, the PFP Switzerland Blog is designed as a digital forum (but not quite like the forum … Read More