Higher Education in Switzerland

What just ended for the US delegation is now starting for us here in Basel: We are getting ready for our trip to the US and all the visits of higher education institutions, the American food (I am especially looking … Continue reading


Today is my first day back on campus after our trip- it feels different and yet so familiar at the same time.  I think our shared experience has changed us in a way, or at the very least, our perspectives … Continue reading


An early train from Capolago-Riva San Vitale through the Swiss Alps to Zurich.  Mostly quiet enjoying the views and lost in my thoughts about the 2012 Global Perspectives program.  A special experience which none of us wanted to end. It … Continue reading

I don’t want this to end!!

Just being consistent with what I said today about postings being too formal and not inviting to conversation, I just want to say this has been an incredible experience, and I just don’t want it to finish!!! All places, conversations, … Continue reading

Week one complete

A week ago today, we gathered in Zurich to begin our journey.  Since then, we have visited 7 universities varying in mission and size; one more to go.  We met with Presidents (Rectors) of three universities (University of Basel, University … Continue reading

University of Basel Mission Statement

Dear GPP/PFP fellows A long time ago, I promised to post a translation of the University of Basel Mission Statement. Finally, I accomplished it. I hope the text is understandable. Looking forward to meeting you guys next week in Riva. … Continue reading

My Obsession with Signs

So, as many of you have noticed, I’m kind of obsessed with signs… That’s because part of what I study is visual rhetoric, the use of images for rhetorical purposes. On this trip, I’m specifically interested in the similarities and differences between street and warning signs in the U.S. and here in Europe. More specifically, […]


Yesterday, we had the chance to visit SUPSI and USI, two of the most unique and neat instructions that we’ve seen so far on this trip. SUPSI is a school of  applied science while USI, a university, has the closest feel to small private college in the states. Both provided great opportunities for interaction, with […]