An Earthquake in Online Education?

Online education was one of the big topics of the 2011 Global Perspectives Program. It was omnipresent in our discussions about access to and within information. Our claim that access to higher education can significantly be improved echoed a lot … Continue reading

Going Global

So my first attempt at keeping a blog has not been the most successful as this is only my second post in 6 months. Now that we’ve been back for almost a month, the initial rush of all the work … Continue reading

GPP 2012: The Basel Experience

This is the talk I gave at the Global Perspectives Conference 2012, held 15 June 2012 at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, about how the Basel group experienced the GPP 2012 “I have the pleasure to share with you the … Continue reading

Program ends but process continues

Lukas said it.  Justin tweeted it.  We all felt it (perhaps also the audience at the Swiss Embassy).  The 2012 Global Perspectives Program (GPP) has come to “the end but the global perspectives process continues”. The global seminar on “access … Continue reading

Learning Revolution!….in Delta Sky Mag?

As I have finally started tackling sorting the rest of my stuff from the trip, I found the Delta Sky Magazine. Now why did I liberate the May edition do you ask?  As I was bypassing the many advertisements for the undoubtedly previously used puzzles in an attempt to occupy myself after we were no […]

Stranded! (or 9:58 p.m.)

After visiting MIT and meeting up with young Swiss researchers there, today’s program should have brought us to Blacksburg, Virginia. Well, it did not. Not only the educational pipeline is leaking but also the air traffic pipeline. At the moment, … Continue reading

The Diversity of Diversity

Discussing access to and within higher education often leads us to the issue if diversity. Before we can address questions as targeted measures to increase diversity, we have to talk about diversity itself. What does diversity mean? At North Eastern … Continue reading

Co-op Matters

Today, the highlight for the Swiss GPP group started: our US trip. We had a very intense first days visiting North Eastern University, Tufts University and Swissnex. We heard many enlightening, inspiring and compassionate presentation. I will not go through … Continue reading