Gathering at CGS

A few of us were able to gather at the most recent CGS annual meeting in Washington DC and of course, we enjoyed some time at the first dinner.  Photos were taken of the food and of the Global Grad … Continue reading

11 Spiritualized

Hätte Jason Pierce aka Spiritualized nach “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating into Space” (1997) keine Platte mehr veröffenlticht, sein Platz im Kanon der Popmusik wäre ihm mit seinem “psychadelic Gospel” (sein eigener Versuch seine Musik zu beschreiben) dennoch sicher … Continue reading

Back to Basel

For the fourth time this year, I has the wonderful opportunity to visit UniBasel regarding the Global Perspectives program.  The “Input Seminar” as the beginning of the UniBasel GPP’12, the VTGPP ’12 visit to UniBasel, the Graduate Deans Global Perspectives … Continue reading

Seeing the unobvious: Fed Ex and other visuals

In higher education, we are taught to find meaning and to make sense of “our world”.  We work with data (although described differently by different disciplines).  We analyze and synthesize information.  We look for patterns – we look for trends.  … Continue reading

A Trial Week at University

When we discussed access to higher education at the Global Summit in Riva, one of the highly recurrent issues was that access to higher education requires information about higher education. The respective slogan was: know your options! But how do … Continue reading

Invent the Future – The Future is Ours

Twice in as many weeks, an incoming graduate student asked me (and other admnistrators) what Virginia Tech’s tagline “invent the future” meant to us.  While “invent the future” can and does have multiple meanings and various interpretations, the video by … Continue reading

Zurich July ’12

The Global Perspectives Graduate Deans program ended on Friday in Lugano and I traveled back to Zurich for one day prior to my return to the U.S. As I walked around Zurich today, I could hear the voices of GPP … Continue reading

Global Deans

In a recent blog, I wrote about our individual pathways and the Tour de Academe.  On Sunday, July 22nd our individual pathways converged in Paris and our collective journey started.  And now, the week-long Graduate Deans Global Perspectives program ’12 (GPGradDeans) … Continue reading