Who am I?

I am a collection of experiences. I am a collection of friends and acquaintances. I am a collection of personality traits. I am a collection of passions. I am a collection lessons taught to me by my family and by my teachers. I am an amalgamation of all of these, solidified over time. When I sit down […]

More on Visa Hassles

So, the last time I wrote about the challenges in figuring out the forms and documents that are required to apply for a Schegen visa. The latest news is I applied for the visa and appeared at the Swiss embassy in Washington DC last week, and today I re…

The Ac-ron-y-mous B.I.G.

This post is actually inspired by a comment I left on a classmate’s post (for the Contemporary Pedagogy course I’m taking this semester) that I really liked. (See Elizabeth Clark’s “What’s in a Name” if you’re interested.) It’s a great example of using an acronym as a starting point for outlining one’s …

Trip to Europe and Visa Hassle

The new year brought good news for me in that I was accepted as one of the 15 participants to the Global Perspectives Program (GPP) offered by the Graduate School at Virginia Tech. The trip entails visiting universities in Switzerland, France, and Ital…

Politics and Higher Ed. in Europe

Overall, my specific interest in being a part of the 2017 Global Perspectives Program is to see how the intense and widespread political and economic shifts Europe has experienced over the past ten years have affected the cultures of higher education institutions. Switzerland is an ideal case since while they are a part of Schengen, […]

Bought my ticket!!!

This is mostly a test to see if my blog shows up.  But I also just got my ticket, so this is really happening. Here I come, Switzerland!

Global Issues for a Global World

So we had our first meeting last month and the one thing that everyone was abuzz about was the possibility of travel before or after the program. So naturally, I spoke with my better half who had lived for some time in France, we had both seen much of Europe, and we decided that it would […]

Global Perspectives Program

I am very excited to be participating in the Virginia Tech Global Perspectives Program. During this amazing opportunity I will travel with a group of graduate students to Switzerland. The theme of this years trip is: higher education as public good, related to the global landscape. I will be writing posts throughout this semester and … Continue reading “Global Perspectives Program”