Horizon Europe and #SticktoScience

In 2018, the European Commission (EC) began the process of developing a funding program for research and innovation for the European Union (EU) that would continue funding beyond Horizon 2020. The efforts resulted in Horizon Europe, EU Research and Innovation … Continue reading

Higher Education 2020 and beyond

My two plus year hiatus from blogging coincided (accidentally) with the disruptions to higher education with the onset of COVID 19 as well as the recent (and ongoing) social, racial injustices, economic disparities and immigration challenges. 2020 marked a critical … Continue reading

On the Eve of Departure

The GPP trip is only a few weeks away and I am so ready to leave! The previous 3 weeks have been chaotic and crazy as the semester wraps up, so I am surprisingly ready to sit on a plane for 8+hours with no ability to do work. Then, of course, Switzerland has to great. …

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On the eve of departure

The eve of departure was busy and long. It also wasn’t really the eve of departure. I guess technically right now is the eve of departure since my flight will leave at 5:15 to Copenhagen, where I’ll have a casual FOURTEEN hour layover, before continuing to Zurich on Friday night. The past week and a …

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