On Top Of The World

I survived last night. It was touch and go for a few moments, but we made it safely to the top of a mountain for dinner. The dinner was wonderful. The company was great. The view was spectacular. First we started out with our own private van to take us to dinner. A large passenger … Continue reading On Top Of The World

Indeed A Life Changer Trip

The bells are chiming and lunch will be served soon, so I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts before we head out on some new adventures this afternoon and evening. Two points I want to make with this moment of reflection. First, so many of my initial thoughts on education, educational systems, and context that … Continue reading Indeed A Life Changer Trip

I Can Hear The Bells

With such historical cities and towns that we have visited or trained through, it seems that every one has a church, chapel, or town hall with a bell tower.  The Swiss are known for their punctuality and precision. Churches were the meeting places and epicenter of the city.  The church bells would chime to call … Continue reading I Can Hear The Bells

Come Thy Fount

Switzerland has many lovely fountains scattered all through the cities I have been in so far.  There are other fountains that are basic and utilitarian.  Each one you are able to fill your drinking bottle from the spout that is pouring the water into the fountain.  From these fountains you can get the refreshing and … Continue reading Come Thy Fount

Basel: A thought from today

Today was the second day in our meetings with the GPP cohort.  We visited the University of Basel this morning.  Our schedule has been  so full and time has doubled since we started that it I find it difficult to keep up with everything!  I want to write everything down and keep track of the … Continue reading Basel: A thought from today

What a wonderful world

Today I sit, on a bed in a hostel in Zurich, Switzerland.  Tomorrow I will connect for our first official meeting with the Global Perspectives Group at the Hotel St. Josef and our orientation. Since Wednesday afternoon, me and two of my GPP cohort members set out on a quick (& I do mean quick) … Continue reading What a wonderful world