On the eve of departure…

…I have much to consider. The major line items are my topic of study for the trip, the travel logistics themselves, and, in typical workaholic fashion, how 2 weeks away from the lab will affect me and my progress. I have finally decided to pursue the topic of interdisciplinarity in European landscapes, how it works, […]

Surprise, its Switzerland!

Our last meeting’s journal prompt was asking us what about the Switzerland presentation surprised. To be completely honest, not much. This isn’t as much a commentary on Switzerland being boring or unsurprising as much as it is a commentary on how much of an avid reader/traveller I am. But I digress. There were still a […]


I am trying to choose my topic for my GPP study and I stuck between 2 equally interesting topics of study. The first topic is the focus (if any) on inter-disciplinarity in European universities and academic research institutions. What roles do the universities and/or governments play in encouraging (or discouraging) interdisciplinary studies and why or […]

Who am I?

I am a collection of experiences. I am a collection of friends and acquaintances. I am a collection of personality traits. I am a collection of passions. I am a collection lessons taught to me by my family and by my teachers. I am an amalgamation of all of these, solidified over time. When I sit down […]

Global Issues for a Global World

So we had our first meeting last month and the one thing that everyone was abuzz about was the possibility of travel before or after the program. So naturally, I spoke with my better half who had lived for some time in France, we had both seen much of Europe, and we decided that it would […]