The adventure begins… sort of…

My family doesn’t really travel.  No epic road trips to the grand canyon or Disney World for me.  We did take trips, but they were generally to Virginia Beach and/or Busch Gardens.  The biggest trip I’ve taken was a 2 hour flight to Chicago for research.  I didn’t even get to see anything while I […]

Hello everyone!

For my first post I just want to say hi! I am excited to go on the Global Perspectives trip with all of you. If you are interested in learning more about me, click the ‘About-Me’ link at the top. … Continue reading

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the blog I have created  for our Preparing the Future Professoriate: Global Perspectives Switzerland 2012 trip! I am thrilled to have been selected to participate in this wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to sharing everything about … Continue reading

Here goes…

Welcome to my blog for the Preparing the Future Professoriate Global Perspectives 2012 Switzerland trip. First lesson learned: I never want to type all that again, so that’s why we shorten it to PFP Switzerland. This blog is where I will share other lessons and insights from before, during, and after the trip. I’ve titled […]

Hi all!!

Welcome to my blog for our PFP Global Perspectives trip to Switzerland!! I am really excited about this higher education adventure, and looking forward to share the experience with you!! Info about me, preparation for the trip, tips, and thoughts … Continue reading


My very own blog to talk about all the fun adventures I have on the FP Trip!

Hello world!

Welcome to my newly-created PFP Switzerland 2012 blog!  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and perceptions with you here as our adventure through European higher education develops. As way of introduction, I am a wildlifer.  While the term “wildlifer” … Continue reading


Welcome to my blog site for PFP Switzerland 2012!  In preparation for our visit to Europe I will try to make relevant posts on here leading up to our departure.  Stay tuned . . .

Welcome to PFP Switzerland Blogging

Now that we’ve covered the basics regarding how to create a blog and add your content to the PFP Switzerland Blog (don’t forget to take a look at the “Blogging 101” or for more detail the “PFP Switzerland Blog – Getting Started Guide” available in Scholar). In short, the PFP Switzerland Blog is designed as a digital forum (but not quite like the forum … Read More