GPP: First Thoughts

For those that have taken the Preparing the Professoriate and Cotemporary Pedagogy courses, I’m sure you can agree that no longer getting together on a regularly basis with classmates is a bit sad. Although we may adore the folks in our own distinctive departments, getting out of our own “box” can be refreshing. Those of …

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Planning for a Culture Shock

Early Observations While our actual departure to Switzerland seems like a long ways off (at 93 days away), I know that if I blink, it will be here in an instant. And so I have begun to plan my trip now in earnest. Part of the planning involves keeping a … Continue Reading →

GPP Initial Thoughts

Hi all, It’s been so exciting to get started planning for our GPP trip this summer! I got my passport in the mail this week and I can’t wait to use it. I scheduled an appointment to get my passport the day I found out I got accepted into the GPP18 program and I was […]

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GPP’18 Learning Outcomes

My Learning Outcomes for the GPP’18 trip are as follows: To learn about different systems of higher education. To learn about the practical town-gown relationships as well as institution’s philosophical commitments to outreach and engagement efforts. Continue to experience diverse perspectives in higher education and learn about how local and university culture influence university/community  engagement. …

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Reflection on GPP Meeting One

A few highlights struck me during our first meeting for the Virginia Tech, Global Perspectives Program.  Foremost, it was clear that the room was full of motivated, dynamic people. One person was in NYC at the Grammys, others were traveling for pr…