Hello GPP

As the end of the semester approaches and the Global Perspectives Program is nearing, I find myself excited about all of the opportunities this program presents.  I am finally able to see past all of the assignments that have bogged me down all semester, and looking ahead to GPP is getting more enticing by the … Continue reading “Hello GPP”

Passport of Opportunity

My passport came in the mail this weekend.  It is a small thing, this little blue book with my photo and information about me.  However, it represents something really big.  This is my very first passport.  Yes, my very first one.  In a few short weeks, I will make my first trip to Europe. I … Continue reading Passport of Opportunity

Surprise, its Switzerland!

Our last meeting’s journal prompt was asking us what about the Switzerland presentation surprised. To be completely honest, not much. This isn’t as much a commentary on Switzerland being boring or unsurprising as much as it is a commentary on how much of an avid reader/traveller I am. But I digress. There were still a […]


I am trying to choose my topic for my GPP study and I stuck between 2 equally interesting topics of study. The first topic is the focus (if any) on inter-disciplinarity in European universities and academic research institutions. What roles do the universities and/or governments play in encouraging (or discouraging) interdisciplinary studies and why or […]

Learning Objectives & Research Topic for Global Perspectives 2017

I wanted to share my learning objectives and research topic for my GPP experience. What follows is a draft of the work I plan to do and inquiries I plan to make: GPP Learning Objectives A central part of my GPP experience will involve increased understanding of the state of higher …

A Bio a Day…

…keeps the questions at bay? (Kidding!) On a more serious note, I wanted to share the bio I wrote for my Global Perspectives Program experience. (Those of you in Contemporary Pedagogy may also be interested in this as you write your Teaching Philosophy and think of ways to talk about …