Download and Watch Full Movie Deadpool 2 (2018)

Today, our amazing journey abroad is starting. We have prepared ourselves during the past weeks to open our minds to a global perspective. Being active members of the learning community and especially future faculty members, we are in need to bridge the gaps of mutual understanding and cooperation in a global arena. But, in order […]

Watch and Download Movie Deadpool 2 (2018)

Less than 3 hours before my flights leaves Barcelona and I feel like I’ve already experienced enough emotions and reflection-inducing experiences to make this the solid start of quite the adventure. I’ll try to give you the in-a-nutshell version which as a write will probably turn into longer than you want… We left Blacksburg much […]

Download and Watch Movie Deadpool 2 (2018)

After a 5 hour drive (well really it was a ride…thanks again Eric), a grueling 8.5 hour flight, many shuttle rides, a short train ride, and a decent amount of walking, I am officially on Switzerland soil. It feels incredibly surreal to sit and type this post as I soak in the remaining rays of […]

Streaming Movie Deadpool 2 (2018)

It has arrived, departure is only a few days away and I find myself is a place of great anticipation and excitement. I have packed and unpacked to ensure that I have all that I need (and no more). I have researched and explored as much as possible before leaving the comforts of home. I […]

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As is the common practice at this time of year, universities celebrate the ending of the academic year and the graduation of undergraduate and graduate students through University and Graduate Commencement ceremonies.  At the Virginia Tech Graduate Commencement ceremonies on … Continue reading

Streaming Full Movie Deadpool 2 (2018)

So the title is a little misleading because I don’t actually leave for three more days, but with all the preparation that has gone into the trip, three days is a blink of an eye. At this point I am extremely excited and frantically trying to get organized. Dry cleaners, bookstores, banks, and emails have […]

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While driving back from a visit to Canada this weekend, I heard a news story about Canadian provinces switching to more emphasis on professional schools over traditional academic universities.  British Columbia is the latest province to push for more professional training in their educational system.  Recent articles have outlined the large amounts of funds that(…)

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They are dismally referred to by many a PhD student under varying names.  Canadians students in general dread the COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION, whereas American students tend to fear the PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION, and still other PhD students quiver at the thought of the QUALIFYING EXAMINATION.  Having just survived my prelims as I will call them and in(…)