10-ish Rules of Packing

Here is some food for thought as we each begin to think about what must accompany us to Europe. Always a struggle, often an battle of dreams vs. reality, packing need not be precursor to an existential crisis. Queen’s 10 rules are far from perfect, but they present a thoughtful and humorous approach to considering what stays at home and …

How to measure the relevance of research for society?

Is it possible to quantify the impact that a certain research project has on society? And is it beneficial to attach a societal relevance to research in general? In times of tight research budgets it becomes increasingly important that scientists and universities are able to demonstrate what the impact of their research is. A very […]

Less Testing! Huzzah!

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of articles about testing.  In the NYT last week, for example, I saw that parents are voicing their concerns about standardized testing by opting out of having their children take statewide exams. Yesterday I … Continue reading

Transformative Education-The Global Perspectives Program Experience

Transformative education is a powerful term. It elicits a deeper understanding and a more holistic approach to learning about the topics at hand. As I prepare to take what I consider my second study abroad course I am reminded of how important transformative, experiential learning opportunities can be. An article published in the Journal of […]