A Speech Shared at the Swiss Embassy

This speech was shared to describe the Virginia Tech Global Perspectives Program at the Switzerland Embassy on June 21st 2013. After a series of meetings leading up to our departure, 13 VT graduate students, embarked on a quest to learn more about higher education from a global perspective.  Now, the word quest was carefully chosen, not from […]

Usefully Useless

I have heard it said that: “An education is that which remains after you have forgotten everything you learned in college” This is an interesting quote considering the amount of discussion that goes on in departments about the “importance” of … Continue reading

Global Perspectives: Leg 2

Zurich->Basel->Strasbourg->Basel->Riva S. Vitale->Milan->Belenzona->Lugano->Riva S. Vitale My arrival in Zurich on the morning of May 26th marked the official beginning of the Global Perspectives Program (GPP) and my exploration of European systems of higher education.  My bike, kit, and sleeping bag … Continue reading

Professor for one year (week 10): I’m substituting

My current job title in English is “Acting Professor”, although I’m not sure if this is correct and what impression people have when they read it.  The German term is “Vertretungsprofessorin”, showing my gender, confirming that Germans love compou…


Boston Tastes Delicious 
We bought cupcakes (chocolate and coffee, cookies & cream) at Newbury Street. The pastries did not only look stunning but also tasted delicious. We hope that we are given the opportunity to eat more of them…
Boston Sounds Special
We saw a special musical instrument at Harvard Square Station. Not only cars are larger than in Switzerland but also tubas. We hope that we are given the opportunity to see more of them…

Boston Thinks Green
We threw our trash into a trash can that is powered by solar energy. A great idea to compact remains of all kinds. We hope that we will be inspired on our journey many more times…

Back to Blacksburg

Well, I’m back in Blacksburg after an incredible global adventure.  Many more pictures and stories will follow, but for now I have two goals: (1) to express how incredibly enriching of an experience I had, and (2) to report back … Continue reading

This Day Came Too Soon

***Started writing on departure from Villa Maderni and reviewed once settled in the US (which is why it is just being posted). The last day at the Villa Maderni is a bitter sweet one. An early rise to prepare to leave and press toward the final leg of my journey that has me feeling sad. […]