Day 9 – May 24th

As expected, it was snowing when we woke up.  Although not for long and the snow quickly changed to a light rain.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and when the rain stopped we took a 30 minute … Continue reading

Day 8 – May 23rd

The weather was on our side today, but the forecast for the next day was iffy.  With that in mind, we could pick either Schilthorn or Jungfrau, both mountain top trips on different peaks.  We ended up picking Schilthorn.  We … Continue reading

Efficiency & Pride

It has been over a week since my entry into Swiss society and there are two words instantly come to mind, Efficiency and Pride. The public transportation system is the most efficient I have ever seen and the timeliness of the meetings makes me rethink my own level of efficiency (originally thinking it was high). […]

Day 7- May 22nd

We took 7 trains today from southern Germany to the Swiss Alps. By the time we arrived in Lauterbrunnen, we were exhausted. The hotel was great and we stayed in an attic room with a slanted ceiling and a shared … Continue reading

Day 6- May 21st

We took the bus today 10 minutes to visit Mad King Ludwig’s castles. We first toured Hohenschwangau which was his parents hunting castle.  It had some historical pieces inside that were interesting, but the tour only involved a handful of … Continue reading

Hallo Zurich!

Raclette and fondue at Swiss Chuchi was a great way to kick off our first official day of the Global Perspectives 2013 program. I have had a wonderful time traveling around Switzerland this past week, visiting a cheese factory, chocolate … Continue reading

Day 5-May 20th

We spent the better part of the day exploring Rotenberg. There was a mid evil festival going on and we enjoyed the singing and costumes. We walked all around the city on the city wall and visited a beautiful church. … Continue reading

Day 4- May 19th

We took the train to Mainz and stored our bags in a locker at the airport. The one thing that Jonathan really wanted to do was go to the Gutenberg museum and see the Gutenberg bible.  We found our way … Continue reading